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Areas of Focus

I take a holistic approach to migrating sites by looking at these 3 areas while migrating Squarespace websites.

Digital Strategy

Higher level thinking to make sure your website is focused in a single direction and continues to grow.


Use SEO-safe migration techniques so that your traffic grows after migrating.

Optimized Design

Your website should work with you, not against you. Simplify your website to make a clear path for users.

What Clients Say

Keeping happy clients is the only path to success.

I've worked with Jeremiah over the past few months. He helped me migrate my website from Squarespace (which I'd used for years) to WordPress. I didn't want to work with someone who just took orders. Instead, Jeremiah's been invaluable as he's brought me solutions and given me options and ideas rather than asking me what I need.

Will Gibbons

3D Product Design Educator

Would absolutely recommend! I switched from Squarespace to Word Press (something I should have done forever ago) and couldn’t have done it without Jeremiah. He helped so much and did all of the technical things that I can’t even begin to understand and didn’t know existed. He dedicated so much time and effort to making sure everything was running as optimally and smoothly as possible.

Adriane Marie

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