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Areas of Focus

I take a holistic approach websites by looking at these 3 areas while helping you grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Higher level thinking to make sure your website is focused in a single direction and continues to grow.


Get more organic visitors with keyword research and competition analysis.

Optimized Design

Your website should work with you, not against you. Simplify your website to make a clear path for users.

What clients say

Keeping happy clients is the only path to success.

I've worked with Jeremiah over the past few months.
He helped me migrate my website from Squarespace (which I'd used for years) to Wordpress. I didn't want to work with someone who just took orders. Instead, Jeremiah's been invaluable as he's brought me solutions and given me options and ideas rather than asking me what I need. He's collaborative and a super friendly guy who I'd be comfortable grabbing a beer with or trusting him with my business. If you're a small to medium sized business owner who doesn't have time or don't want the stress of owning all the responsibilities that come with website overhaul, setup or optimization, look no further.

Will Gibbons

3D Product Design Educator

Jeremiah made sure to preserve the positive aspects of my website so they wouldn’t get lost in the transition and offered great tips to optimize what needed to be improved. I knew it would be a bit of work on my end as well but I was left with the easy tasks and so far it’s been totally worth it. I was after SPEED more than anything in order to rank higher and increase traffic. My Web Dev metrics went from an embarrassing red 8 to a perfect green 95-100 score right after we flipped the switch. Mind blowing! All stats have improved so far. I’ll definitely use Jeremiah’s services again for further assistance and customization on how to grow even more.

Adriane Marie


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